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How To Choose The Right CBD Product

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How To Choose The Right CBD Product

How To Choose The Right CBD Product

Due to its increasing popularity, you may have already heard of using CBD as a natural supplement. But with so many different products available out there, from CBD oil and tinctures to capsules, you may be wondering which one is the right one for you.

In case you haven't heard of CBD, or have but aren't exactly sure what it is, here's a quick run down:

  • CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis sativa plant.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive, but is often confused with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the active compound in the cannabis plant that can cause feelings of intoxication.
  • CBD products are used by people to ease a variety of symptoms such as joint aches, stress and sleeplessness.
  • CBD oil is not the same as hemp seed oil, which is oil extracted from hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil does not contain cannabinoids such as CBD.


CBD bottle and capsules derived from hemp plant

What types of CBD products are available?

With such a large variety of products out there, choosing a CBD product can be time-consuming. We've compiled a list of various available products and how to use them to help you pick the best option for yourself.


Small bottle of CBD oil


This is perhaps one of the most common forms of cannabidiol available. CBD oil generally consists of a CBD isolate which is diffused with a carrier oil for easier consumption and absorption. The most commonly used carrier oils are MCT oil, a high-quality coconut-based oil, and hemp seed oil.

CBD oil is taken by placing a few drops under the tongue or directly into the mouth. This allows for it to be absorbed into the bloodstream without having to undergo additional processes. Essentially, this means that it can be absorbed into the body faster.

Bottles of CBD tincture extracted from industrial hemp


Tinctures differ from CBD oils, due to their extraction methods. They are made by saturating hemp matter (such as flowers, stalks and leaves) in an alcohol-water solution. CBD tinctures use an alcohol-water solution to extract CBD isolates from cannabis plants or industrial hemp. They may contain additional ingredients such as sweeteners, emulsifiers and essential oils. It is important to note that although alcohol is often used during the extraction method, CBD tinctures do not necessarily contain alcohol. They may also be water-soluble, but must be labelled as CBD tinctures instead of CBD oils because of the additional ingredients involved.

CBD tinctures can be taken in a similar way to CBD oil. They can also be added to your beverage of choice.

CBD in capsulse form convenient for use


CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are taken orally and deliver CBD into the body when digested. They offer a convenient way to take CBD, especially for those who already take other supplements. The capsules may contain other ingredients for additional health benefits. For example, those who take CBD for joint discomfort may choose a product that contains ingredients such as turmeric, which aids in easing inflammation.

Capsules are typically taken once or twice a day. It's important to check the label for the daily recommendations of serving sizes.

CBD in form of gummi bears



CBD edibles are another product that deliver CBD through the digestive system. They come in many forms, such as gummies, chocolate, cookies and hard candies. In addition to cannabidiol, they may also contain a range of other ingredients such as vitamins, turmeric or melatonin.

Edibles are ingested orally and chewed. Like the capsules, the recommended daily dosage should be checked from the label before consumption.


CBD white cream can be applied on skin for topical use

Topical Products

CBD can also be found in topical treatments such as creams, lotions or salves. These are applied to the skin so that the CBD is absorbed through the dermal and subdermal layers of the skin. Topicals can be combined with other ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil or menthol depending on the purpose of the product. They are used by many people for the treatment of joint aches and various skin issues.

CBD topicals, such as creams, can be applied directly to the skin onto the problem area.

A person holding a card and consider options before purchasing CBD online


Are there other factors to consider before buying?

There are some other things to think about before you make your purchase. One of the most important of these is ensuring that the CBD item that you're buying has been third party lab tested. Because the Food and Drug Administration does not regulated supplements, it's important to choose brands that use third party testing so that you only consume high quality CBD products.

Another factor that you might want to consider is the type of CBD that the product contains. Essentially the three main types used are:

  • CBD Isolate: this does not contain other cannabinoids other than CBD
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD: contains other cannabinoids, but does not include THC
  • Full-Spectrum CBD: contains other cannabinoids, including some levels of THC 

It is always advisable to check with a health care professional before taking a new supplement, particularly if you have an existing medical condition.


  • CBD oil, tinctures, capsules and edibles are all consumed orally
  • They are taken by consumers to ease issues like joint ache and trouble sleeping
  • Topical products, like creams, can be applied directly to problem areas.
  • CBD may be used with other ingredients, such as turmeric or melatonin
  • Before buying, check if the product has been third party tested
  • Follow the suggested daily servings and usage that is found on the label


CBD oil and tincture bottle with capsules to choose from

Where can I buy CBD products?

Because these products have become more and more popular in recent years, they can be found both online and in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

You can check out our range of CBD products here.


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